The Distant Rumblings of the Sexual Revolution

Donald Barliant has owned Barbara's Bookstores since the late 1960's. He tells here the story of Barbara's and the turbulent, changing times in which the business grew up, thrived and sometimes just survived.

This is Chapter Four.

As the years went by, Barbara's became well known in Chicago and beyond. That led us down many interesting and, often, peculiar roads.

One day in February 1971 I got a call from someone at Kingston Mines. Kingston was one of the small playhouses that had sprung up on the near north side of Chicago sometime in 1968. The 300 seat theater was housed in a converted trolley barn at 2356 North Lincoln.

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Coming SoonBarbara's Bookstore Hawthorn Center

We are on the march, next stop Vernon Hills..

Barbara's is proud to announce plans to open a new (and super) book store at the Hawthorn Center shopping mall, within the space formerly occupied by (arch nemesis) Barnes & Noble.

Look for the book store to open for business within days of Thanksgiving, just in time for the end-of-year holiday season. Oh, what fun!! Stayed tuned...

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as reported by The New York Times

best sellers
Hardcover Fiction

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as reported by The New York Times

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