Mishaps and Misery

Interior Donald Barliant has owned Barbara's Bookstores since the late 1960's. He tells here the story of Barbara's and the turbulent, changing times in which the business grew up, thrived and sometimes just survived.

This is Chapter Two.

The original Barbara's at 1434 Wells Street in Old Town was in an ancient three-story with two apartments above the store. When I came to Barbara's in the late 60s, we expanded to the second floor, built a steep and precarious staircase in the middle of the store to get to it, and used the new space for a little more book store and an office.

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StoryTimeFriday 07.13 10a
Barbara's Burr Ridge
Story Time with IPPL

Pack up the diaper bag, fill the sippie-cups and grab some snacks before you head over the the book store for Kids' Story Time with the Indian Prairie Public Library. Enjoy a little time with us as our reader brings storybooks to life. Hope to see you here, and don't forget the kids..

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