Georgette reviews: Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha) by [Adeyemi, Tomi]Zelie is a 17-year old girl who mourns the loss of magic on her native island. The magi are murdered by a powerful, ruthless king who abolishes the dark arts of magic and its connective powers on Orisha. Among the murdered is Zelie's own mother, leaving a determined Zelie to find a way to reverse the evil that King Saran has wrought. But can she find a way to do this without being caught up in the traps that Saran and his minions have set all over the island?

This book brings much in the way of vivid imagery, the grief of a young lady who's fighting not just for a lifestyle that she knows and owns, but also for the death of her mother. I would categorize this as similar to A Wrinkle In Time with darker matter, but with a heroine whose broad determination will rock your world. Children of Blood And Bone is out now.