Intro To Romance by Rebecca

If you’re hoping to get into the romance genre, the first decision to be made is what kind of romance you’d like to read. There are genres and sub-genres for everything. You can also narrow it down by the “hot” factor. Just how steamy are you hoping for?

If you’re looking for the truly classic romance, there are always the novels that fall under “Literature” with a capital “L.” Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are all classic romances.

Now that the classic heavy-hitters are out of the way, let’s talk current authors…

If you want a hot contemporary series set in Chicago, Kate Meader, famous for her Chicago Fire Dept. trilogy, has a new series about the Chicago Rebels, a fictional professional hockey team. The first book, Irresistible You, came out this August.

If you are looking for something historical, I could talk for days about my favorite Regency (all the action takes place in early 19th century England) authors Julia Quinn, Tessa Dare, Laura Lee Guhrke, and Sarah MacLean. MacLean is currently on the fourth book in her Scandal and Scoundrel series, which begins with The Rogue Not Taken. 

If you’re looking for another Fifty Shades, I would direct you to Jess Michaels’ Everything ForbiddenSomething Reckless, and Nothing Denied. Set in the Regency period, they are every bit as hot as Fifty Shades, with couples whose emotional depth and strength may surprise you.

If you’re looking for Downton Abbey meets the PBS series Frontier House in book form, look no further than Katie MacAlister’s The Corset Diaries. It’s a hilarious take on what happens when 21st-century people have to live as early 20th century Edwardians in an English country house for a reality tv show. MacAlister specializes in hot and funny in almost all genres, so any title appeals.

Really, you can find almost anything in romance. Just go with your own heart’s desire. If you look for it, you’ll find it. A detailed list of the authors and books mentioned can be found below.


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