Seth reviews: The Electric Woman

The Electric Woman: A Memoir in Death-Defying Acts Cover ImageWow! I knew when I saw this book and read its description in an FSG email newsletter it was going to be quite the story. It did not fail to amaze and surprise me. The Electric Woman by Tessa Fontaine is quite the journey. Such resilience after her mother’s stroke and then years later becoming part of the World Of Wonder.

One of the most profound lines and lessons in the book is, “The only way to do it is to do it. There is no trick. You eat fire by eating fire.” We all have things that come up in our lives that challenge us and that bring up our doubts as well as our fears. The only way to face them is to face them. And don’t forget to breathe along the way in those moments. It’s not easy but in the end, it’s rewarding and surprising. We grow from it. She definitely shows her growth in both coming to grips with her mother’s ordeal and this life she builds with World Of Wonder. 

As I was reading Miss Fontaine’s story, there are parts that are so unbelievable that they can’t be true. She shines more truth on them to make them richer to the reader. Thanks for the authenticity, sharing your adventure, and the laughter.